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The medieval castle of Oricourt

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The best preserved medieval castle in Franche-Comté

The Oricourt castle was built in the 12th century, on the edge of a limestone tableland, in front of the plain of Lure. It has two surrounding walls : the first around the farmyard, the second around the residence-yard. In the lower yard a farm with buildings from 15th and 19th centuries has been run until 1990. The upper yard is still closed by its ramparts and guarded by two 25 m high towers. In this yard, there are also buildings adapted in the 15th century, a huge well, a water tank, some cellars and a bake house.

On the south side a 10 m deep ditch cuts off the castle from the rest of the tableland. On the outside of the walls and on the village-side you can see a large round pigeon house.

The Lord of Oricourt around year 1170 was Gaucher a Constable of the County of Burgundy. In the time of Renaissance the owner was the Burgundy Chancellor Nicolas Rolin, painted by Van Eyck.

On and after 1969 Oricourt castle has been restored and is since 1984 a Monument Historique. It is the best preserved example of Middle Age military architecture in Franche-Comte.